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Redimensionar /tmp cpanel


What size is your /tmp partition? You can resize it if it isn’t large enough. Many servers have only 500MB for /tmp which isn’t large enough and should be around 2GB instead. You could edit /scripts/securetmp for this line:

my $tmpdsksize     = 512000;    # Must be larger than 250000

Change to this line for 2GB:

my $tmpdsksize     = 2097152;    # Must be larger than 250000

Save the file (:wq), then run these commands to resize /tmp partition:

umount -l /tmp
umount -l /var/tmp
rm -fv /usr/tmpDSK

Unfortunately, if you aren’t able to catch it when it has the high usage, it’s difficult for us to state why it’s alerting. It could be high session activity (those sessions do clear on their own) for some site during the times it hits the high disk space level. It could be MySQL having the temporary MyISAM tables filling it up. It could be EAccelerator writing files to it (if you use that, it writes some temporary files there). There are many reasons it could be happening. If you aren’t certain, you can simply resize it to be larger. Otherwise, you’ll have to watch it closely until you do catch it and then provide the details on what you are seeing.

There are also some scripts that will periodically clear tmp such as tmpwatch, but you need to be careful not to cron clear /tmp as EasyApache writes to /tmp during build, so you cannot simply clear files every 15 minutes or something, since you’ll then break EasyApache from recompiling properly.