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MailScanner no funciona – el correo no sale

Help! MailScanner isn’t working/Mail isn’t being delivered. What do I do?

If you run into serious problems, go through the following checks to find the problem and get MailScanner going again. It’s important to check each one, as any of them can give clues to what is causing problems for MailScanner.

1. Check the maillog for errors and clues to what is not working. To tail the maillog, in SSH do:

tail -f /var/log/maillog

If your maillog isn’t logging, do the following:

service syslog restart

Check to see if MailScanner is processing through a backlog before removing MailScanner or you will lose email. If you have a recent version of the MailScanner front-end you can check the MailScanner pending queue in the WHM MS front-end. To find out in shell how many mails are waiting to be processed by MailScanner, do:

exim -bpc

2. In /var/log/maillog, if it seems that MailScanner is just continually restarting over and over again and not actually processing any mail, or if you *only* see defunct MailScanner processes or no MailScanner processes at all when you do «ps axf», try the following at the shell prompt:

service MailScanner stop
killall -9 MailScanner
service MailScanner start

Then check the maillog again to see if MailScanner has started up correctly and is processing mail.

3. If your server is a VPS running Redhat 9 and MailScanner has failed after upgrading, see this blog entry:

4. Check that the clamavconnector in WHM > Plugins has not been installed, either deliberately or automatically during a cPanel update. If it has been installed, just uninstall it in WHM. You should check this even if you know you didn’t install it, because we have seen it occasionally get enabled with a cPanel update for some reason.

5. Check that your virus scanner is working. MailScanner v4.79.11+ will not process mail if it cannot find the virus scanners that are configured in MailScanner.conf.

Restart clamd if you are running it. In ssh:

service clamd restart
service MailScanner restart

If you see any errors when restarting clamd you will need to investigate. You can check the clamav newsgroup here:

If your virus scanner is not working but you want to get mail flowing again while you investigate the clamd issue, see this FAQ:

6. Check that the /tmp partition has plenty of space; otherwise, if full, it can break MailScanner. If you are seeing MailScanner having problems extracting or checking attachments, it could be that your /tmp/ directory doesn’t have enough free space.

7. The following sequence will fix many MailScanner issues and can be run in SSH at any time without harm:

service exim restart

If you’re running both incoming and outgoing scanning, make sure that /etc/exim_outgoing.conf exists. If it does not, recreate it with

touch /etc/exim_outgoing.conf

and then repeat the above commands.

8. Try running MailScanner in debug mode to see if you get any informative errors.

service MailScanner stop
killall -9 MailScanner
/usr/mailscanner/bin/MailScanner --debug

MailScanner will run up and scan one batch of messages and then quit. After it’s done you will need to start MailScanner either via the WHM front-end or with:

service MailScanner start

It’s normal to see messages like the following when debugging:

Ignore errors about failing to find EOCD signature
commit ineffective with AutoCommit enabled at /usr/mailscanner/lib/MailScanner/ line 94, line 70.

If you see anything else, either try to fix whatever it is complaining about or log a ticket and ask us for assistance. Be sure to let us know what the output was when you ran debug.

9. Last shot before disabling it, try force upgrading MailScanner by clicking the Force MailScanner Update button in the ConfigServer MailScanner Front-End.

You should also upgrade ClamAV by clicking the Force ClamAV Update button in the ConfigServer MailScanner Front-End.

10. Still not working? Best to disable MailScanner by clicking the «MailScanner Disable» button in the WHM MailScanner front-end and then log a support ticket on the helpdesk so we can have a look at it for you.

Please be sure to let us know what steps you have done and what you have found, or any other changes you’ve made to the exim configuration, as it will help us troubleshoot the problem.