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R1Soft: Replication driver missing

I was discovery that the R1Soft server hosted for client server getting the following error,

An exception occurred during the request. Replication driver missing; Unable to open driver at '/dev/hcp'; No such device or address.

To get this issue fixed, you should make sure that you have the kernel similar version with your kernel-header. Then you could verify if the Linux Hot Copy module is loaded. To verify the them,

To check the kernel version,

uname -r

To check the kernel-header version,

yum list kernel-devel

If you have PAE, xen or Enterprise kernel, use the corresponding version like kernel-PAE-devel, kernel-xen-devel or kernel-ent-devel.

Next, build the kernel header with source,

r1soft-setup --get-module --no-binary

Next, restart the CDP-Agent to load the new driver,

/etc/init.d/cdp-agent restart

After that, you may check if the module loaded

lsmod | grep hcpdriver

You have done and the error should away by now.